I have a unique and precise way of being with people that motivates people to make sustaining changes.
It is important to create a safe space for all individuals, especially with teens, as they often don’t feel heard.

In these intimate sessions, people will experience the authenticity of compassion.

Over the years, I have come to realize the deeper solutions to the problems revolve around forgiveness to others and ourselves. I am dedicated and committed to adding more love and thus respectful and honest communications into the world.


I have over 30 years of experience working with families, individuals, children and adolescents, which includes couple mediations and divorce mediations. I have also facilitated workshops, and taught meditation that supports family members in healing and re-building a foundation of trust.

I have co-facilitated teen spiritual growth seminars since 1992 and continue to teach meditation to all ages, including College Campuses and kids meditation classes at Elementary schools.

I have created and implemented a Middle School Counseling Center, taught parenting classes and been a part of the Collaborative Law Team in Asheville as a child specialist and a divorce coach. I was recommended on the Parent Coordinator list in Asheville’s Family Courts.

I have appeared on live broadcast radio stations and have written for Parenting Magazine. Currently I live in Denver, Colorado.


I am educated and trained extensively in various programs, workshops and degrees. I earned my Masters in Social Work emphasizing Children, Youth and Families from San Diego State University.

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